Hello. Let's check in.

On a scale of 1 to 5, how focused, clear and effective do you feel? 


If you saw the question above and thought, 'oh boy, not very,' then read on. 

If we aren't paying attention, life tends to whiz by. Leading mindfully helps you see, hear and think with more clarity and presence during this time of ever growing distractions. It teaches you to rely not just on your analytical resources and strengths, but to intentionally cultivate and strengthen your capacity to be fully present. To see, hear and think with greater clarity, and perhaps to expand the repertoire of possibilities and responses in your life. If you´re intrigued to learn how leading mindfully can help you in your life or career, schedule a free consultation. I´d love to chat.

What does it mean to lead mindfully?

Leading mindfully begins with a deliberate, conscious way of living to experience a more profound life robust in overall health and well-being. Equip your mind and body to lead your life with a purpose, with authenticity, and true empathy in serving others.


Our three brains, plus the heart

Growing research is backing up what eastern philosophy has been saying for ages. We have more than one brain. When our 3 brains are integrated and connected, life becomes an effortless flow,  And, when you connect the heart, our center of love, compassion and empathy, amazing things can happen. 

How I work with my clients

I focus on giving you the tools, practices and self-responsibility so that you can self-manage your life better. I offer coaching services to help you point out what you perhaps can´t easily see for yourself that might be preventing you from feeling like the architect of your life.

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.
— Rumi