Why lead mindfully?

Mindfulness is a particular degree and strength of awareness. It is the sort of awareness you have when when your mind is clear and bright, and when there are few thoughts. It's from this place where we can make the most intuitive decisions, the ones that are truly aligned with who we are.

To me, leading mindfully means just that. That you are on a path, because let's face it we are all on a path, to making daily decisions that align with your most authentic self. It's only from this place that we can make the wisest and best decisions for us about our lives and our careers. Both personally, and as we relate to others in our careers and in our personal lives. 

From the perspective of our careers, in spite of a hurried, 24-7, technologized, global and competitive environment, "You cannot manage other people unless you manage yourself first," according to Peter Drucker. Leading mindfully enables you to also grow your capacity for centered leadership and will help you develop the personal and social skills necessary to interact more mindfully and thus, lead more mindfully. 

Leading mindfully begins by looking within and involves a solid integration of Mind-Body & Spirit principles. By implementing these practices into our daily life, you develop a more resilient mind, unlock your creativity, and equip yourself with the tools and inner knowingness to lead with purpose, authenticity and true empathy in serving others.