Lead Mindfully is a process of learning to connect with yourself. It is a process of guiding you towards leading a mindful life and career -- one where you foster intentional choices, develop trusting, heart based relationships and make intuitive decisions.  


Your life and career are more intimately connected than you might realize, and only by beginning to look within, can you connect the pieces and begin to lead with purpose in all areas of your life. 

Through intense one on one coaching, you'll begin to clear out the cobwebs preventing you from moving forward with a focused mind and an open heart. As we work together, I recommend and provide you with the ongoing resources and tools that will accelerate this process.   

Are you one of these? 
-A budding entrepreneur who is feeling overwhelmed and beginning to doubt direction and strategy
-An aspiring digital nomad who is trying to figure out how to remove self doubt and work towards an intentional life, on your terms, aligned with your passions, talents and expertise
-A team leader struggling with how to lead with purpose, and how to best manage, support and mentor your growing team 

If any of this resonates, read on... 


I focus on three areas of work and am here to help guide you towards a feeling of wholeness, centeredness and connectedness in every area of life.

Integrative Nutrition Plate

Integrative Nutrition Plate

self work

Self work focuses on our overall health and well being.  Much of what I draw from is from my background as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and serves as a general guideline I follow for our overall health and happiness: what we put into our bodies,  how we take care of our bodies. and the four forms of primary food. The primary foods, or lifestyle factors - relationships, career, physical activity, and spirituality - are what create optimal health. We call these elements Primary Food because they’re often more important than the food that’s on your plate. I encourage you to look at these aspects of life as a form of nutrition, and a way to feed and care for your self on a much deeper level than food. 


MIND work

Mind work involves digging into the conscious and subconscious mind as well as the left and right brain to begin to understand where your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and decisions might be holding you back. I help guide you to see the things that you might not be seeing from an empathetic and compassionate place. I utilize a variety of different techniques including Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and intuitive coaching. 


SOUL work

Soul work focuses on your inner knowing, soul purpose and authentic self. Through working with this part of your self, and combined with both the self and mind work we´ll be doing, you will begin to uncover your true potential and begin to live a life of effortless flow. A critical piece of this work includes focusing on techniques and tools to build presence and heart based mindfulness. We will also focus on building compassion, acceptance, non judgement, openness and light heartedness.